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William Carlos Noel has lived and worked in Northern Virginia since 1993. William started his career in real estate working as a senior mortgage banker for Dominion Mortgage Corporation.

While working there, Carlos helped over 1200 clients secure financing to buy or refinance their home with lifetime closings totaling over 300 million dollars. When the housing market took a downturn in 2007, Carlos felt he could best serve his community by assisting families facing hardship and negotiating short sales on their behalf with their lender.

“Nothing has been more satisfying as a Realtor than stopping foreclosures and helping homeowners keep their families together during those tough times.” During this current housing recovery, Carlos has helped countless families buy homes and secure easy equity by pinpointing the neighborhoods and homes with the lowest risk and greatest opportunities.

Weekly I review and analyze data from multiple sources to answer the question How’s the Market? Today buyers can find homes online without me. I know sellers can find basic data about the local market and home prices. However, buyers and sellers want a realtor who can explain what this data means to them. This is what I do best. I keep my clients informed, protected, and empowered to act. I want to be your trusted partner online and off. Let’s have a conversation.William Carlos Noel